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JJ McIntyre, FCIArb

ICC Profile (pdf)

Representing clients in arbitration and mediations has always been part of his legal practice. JJ’s legal career spanning over 35 years has made him an ideal candidate to act as the arbitrator or mediator of international and domestic disputes in transportation and commercial matters. In 2002, JJ gave up acting as counsel to maritime and transportation related industries in order to act as a neutral arbitrator or mediator of disputes affecting those industries. He has conducted multi-party complex arbitrations as the sole arbitrator, the chair or panel member of three-person panels in international and domestic commercial arbitration disputes under various arbitration rules. These disputes have included contractual and insurance issues relating to the charter, construction, damage to, repair, purchase or handling of vessels, their cargoes and equipment, as well as rail and road usage agreements.

In 2012, JJ was admitted as a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London). He has been an arbitrating member of the VMAA since 2002, and is an arbitrating member of the British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre (international, domestic and arbitration application panels), the International Chamber of Commerce (Canada), the Canadian Transportation Agency and the Sports Dispute Resolution Centre Canada.

For arbitration or mediation services, JJ McIntyre may be contacted via email at or his direct line at 604 605 4302.

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