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Nic Weigelt obtained his B.A. (Honours 1st Class - Political Science) from Simon Fraser University, and his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Alberta. He was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 1998 and to that of the Yukon in 2009. He has practiced principally criminal law and civil litigation at both levels of trial court in British Columbia and the Yukon. His familiarity with aircraft, livestock, wildlife, guide-outfitting and other back country operations contributed to a strong regulatory law practice in wildlife and air law. In 2007, he joined MW Law Offices as a partner litigating civil matters while maintaining his criminal and regulatory law practice.

Mr. Weigelt was a serving officer in the Canadian Forces (CF) Reserves for 20 years and was awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD). He served as an infantry platoon commander, company second-in-command, and operations officer. He obtained his parachute jump qualification in 1991 and served as the commander of an airborne platoon tasked to the former Canadian Airborne Regiment. In 2003, he rebadged to legal officer and joined the Directorate of Defence Counsel Services of the Judge Advocate General, where he eventually held the position of Defence Counsel West representing military personnel in courts martial across Canada. He retired from the CF in 2010 and is a member of the Canadian Infantry Association.

He has instructed police officers at the British Columbia Justice Institute, and provided advice to senior law enforcement officers on difficult issues. He has trained with, and has thorough knowledge of, police service dogs. With a background in combatives and use of force, he has represented many municipal police officers and members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in British Columbia and Yukon on criminal, administrative and civil matters.

In his youth, Mr. Weigelt participated in equestrian events, and later, rodeo events. He used horses in back-country guiding operations. Out of a life-long respect for horses, he has acted as pro bono counsel for the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, an organization committed to stopping the commercial slaughter of horses in Canada.

Mr. Weigelt was appointed in 2011 to the Judicial Advisory Committee (Yukon) as the Minister of Justice’s nominee.

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